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Devon Rex cattery – is a specialized cattery, where breeders are engaged in breeding work for the improvement and preservation of Devon Rex breed of cats.
Devon Rex breed representatives have inimitable charisma and memorable appearance.
After seeing at least one representative of this graceful breed, you will not be able to confuse it with other breeds of cat in the world!
Pedigreed Devon Rex – the owner of large eyes, protruding cheekbones, short muzzle, huge low set ears and soft wavy hair.
Taken together, all this makes the devon rex almost fairy-tale creature, resembling fairy elf.
Compare with fabulous elves – an allegory that most successfully transmits visual impressions from the meeting with the Devon Rex.
Fairy elf theme often used in the design to create information resources about the Devon Rex.

A child in the house. Should we buy Devon Rex or not?

If you decide to buy Devon Rex to your child, you can rest assured that your child will like this almost fairy-tale creature.
Devon Rex can be friend :)
The breed is friendly, seeks to close contact with a person, goes to a good contact with children.
Devon Rex active and playful, and your child will surely enjoy these qualities!

Where to buy Devon Rex kitten?

You can find information about the sale of Devon Rex kittens in different places:

  • on the free ads boards;
  • in social networks;
  • on websites of catteries;
  • at international cat shows.

If you want to buy a real pedigreed Devon Rex kitten, then before making the purchase you need to collect as much information as you can about the seller.
Here is a list of questions to which it is desirable to get answers before you buy Devon Rex kittens:

  1. In which international feline system does Devon Rex kitten registered?
  2. What registration papers for kitten does seller give?
  3. Where can I see the pictures and video of the kitten, and also of kitten’s parents?
  4. Do parents of kitten have marks by international judges of feline system?
  5. Is all the information about the cattery in open access in the Internet? Does the seller of kitten have official website of the cattery?

The more answers you find, the more likely it is that the information originally provided by the seller is truthful.
At the bottom of this page we provided information on Devon Rex catteries, whose owners have already taken care of their potential buyers, that is about you!
They ordered in our company websites for their catteries and filled the pages of sites with the most accurate and credible information about their Devon Rexes!
Sites of catteries have a mobile version, adapted to the most popular browsers are Internet users, and also have convenient and easy navigation, which will allow you in the shortest possible time to find the information you need with certain parameters.
In developing the design of the site for each Devon Rex cattery were used images of the best cats of this particular cattery.
Company Katrin-Elizabeth ®, engaged in the design, layout and promotion of sites, recommends to buy Devon Rex kitten in proven clients of company.

Buy Devon Rex kitten

Buy Devon Rex kitten from titled parents with excellent pedigree, you can, in Devon Rex catteries, which are listed below :)

Buy Devon Rex female or buy Devon Rex male?

On official websites of Devon Rex cattery listed below on this page, you can also buy not only Devon Rex kittens, but older animals.
Buy Devon Rex female or buy Devon Rex male – you decide :)
If you simply want to buy Devon Rex for home, non-breeding (for sterilization), then choose any Devon Rex that you like :)
If your goal is to create a cattery and breeding work – then you should consult additionally with the breeder about it.
Professional breeder will help you to draw up a breeding program!

Devon Rex cattery – official websites:

At the bottom of this page we have placed information on the leading Devon Rex catteries.
Official sites for these catteries created by our creative team!
Order website for your Devon Rex cattery you can on our platform K-E.TOP!
Order site for Devon Rex cattery here:

Devon Rex cattery:

Order website on K-E.TOP

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Devon rex cattery Curly Joy

Devon rex cattery Curly Joy - information resource of professional monobreed cattery.
Geographical location of the devon rex cattery - Kiev Ukraine.
The main aim of the cattery is to breed healthy kittens as much as possible corresponding to the modern standart of the breed.
Elite pedigreed curly kitten with fairy elf look will become your best friend and will bring joy to your home.
You can buy kitten devon rex, contact the breeder via the feedback form on the official cattery website.

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