Kennel V'STILE OLEANY - professional monobreed kennel.
Website of kennel V'STILE OLEANY– information resource of professional kennel.
Geographical location of the chihuahua kennel V'STILE OLEANY - Russia, Pskov.
Kennel specializes in breeding Chihuahua dogs.
Chihuahuas of kennel regularly participate in dog shows, earn high titles and marks.
Buy Chihuahua puppy - visit the official website of kennel V'STILE OLEANY and send you message about buying Chihuahua puppy via feedback form on page "Contacts".

Company Katrin-Elizabeth ® for kennel V'STILE OLEANY (Pskov, Russia):

  • developed a unique style of kennel V'STILE OLEANY;
  • developed website design, which is based on photomanipulations;
    website design is a work of authorship, the rights to which belong Katrin-Elizabeth ®;
  • developed a unique logo of kennel V'STILE OLEANY;
    logo is a silhouette of a chihuahua in conjunction with the name of kennel;
    all the elements of the logo drawn contour lines without additional drawing, thereby creating a romantic and elegant image of V'STYLE OLEANI;
    kennel logo is used on the site as a logo-watermark (for installation on all pictures when loading the site);
  • designed color scheme of the site design of V'STILE OLEANY as a whole;
  • developed and installed on site the banner based photomanipulations;
    banner is a composition of the location of the "historical part of town", the images of chihuahuas of kennel V'STILE OLEANY, kennel name and stylized emblems of international canine organizations;
    we took into account the wishes of the customer in terms of design of page "Contacts";
    instead of the standard presentation of contact information, specialists of Katrin-Elizabeth ® developed an additional banner for the site in a floral theme and programmed buttons "We are in social networks";
  • specifically for chihuahua kennel V'STILE OLEANY a unique marking has been programmed into the interface of the site, which takes into account the sale of Chihuahua dogs;
    unique markings, programmed in the admin panel in the form of buttons allows you to add special tables to organize information about Chihuahuas to your pages with one click in the site's control panel;
    unique markings in the form of tables allows you to add information on the kennel site, organize and beautifully arrange information about Chihuahuas with minimal effort by the site administrator;
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