Kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc - professional monobreed kennel.
Aus dem Kefergeholc kennel website – information resource of professional kennel.
Geographical location of the Shepherd dogs kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc - Belarus, Gomel region, the resort village Chenki.
Kennel specializes in breeding German Shepherd dogs.
Breeding German Shepherds of kennel regularly take part in regional and monobreed dog shows, earn high titles and marks.
To buy German Shepherd puppy - visit the official website of shepherd dogs kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc, and send your request about buying a puppy through the feedback form on the page "Contacts".
Name of Shepherd kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc carries meaning and associative array "from pine grove".
Pine theme was used in the development of site design, as well as in the development of shepherd dogs kennel symbols.

Company Katrin-Elizabeth ® for this kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc (Chenki, Belarus):

  • developed a unique style of kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc;
  • developed website design, which is based on photomanipulations combined with a digital painting (Digital Art)
    site design is a work of authorship, the rights to which belong to Katrin-Elizabeth ®;
  • developed a unique emblem of kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc;
    emblem is a silhouette of German Shepherd with an medium degree of detail and drawing in a frame of pine branches;
    vector digital painting (Digital Art) formed the basis of the emblem;
    emblem of kennel was converted to a different format and is used in the design of Aus dem Kefergeholc kennel website as a logo-watermark (for installation on all pictures when loading on a site);
  • designed color scheme of the site design of German Shepherd kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc as a whole;
  • developed and installed on site the banner based photomanipulations, that includes forest theme locations and images of German shepherds of kennel Aus dem Kefergeholc;
  • specialists of Katrin-Elizabeth ® wrote unique texts for the site and translated them into English;
  • specialists of Katrin-Elizabeth ® did seo-works on the site.
  • all photomanipulations, digital painting, as well as unique texts that are placed on of site of kennel are copyrighted and owned by Katrin-Elizabeth ®;
  • created a turnkey website;
  • site is optimized for mobile devices;
  • seo and website promotion are carried out by Katrin-Elizabeth®.

Additionally were ordered and made the following services:

  • developed double-sided layout of business card in the style of website design;

Website url: K-E.TOP does not provide maintenance and administration services for the Aus dem Kefergeholc kennel site from October 10, 2018. Since October 10, 2018, the owner of the kennel makes changes to the content and appearance of the site at his discretion. You can see the result of the work of K-E.TOP & Katrin-Elizabeth in the screenshots above ↑