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cattery Simba Iceberg

Cattery Simba Iceberg

Cattery Simba Iceberg is engaged in breeding Scottish cats of color-point colors.
Cats and kittens of cattery take an active part in international cat shows and earn high titles and evaluation.
If you decide to buy Scottish blue-eyed kitten from the Champions
we recommend you to visit this site of monobreed cattery.

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Kennel V'STILE OLEANY - professional monobreed kennel.
Website of kennel V'STILE OLEANY– information resource of professional kennel.
Geographical location of the chihuahua kennel V'STILE OLEANY - Russia, Pskov.
Kennel specializes in breeding Chihuahua dogs.
Chihuahuas of kennel regularly participate in dog shows, earn high titles and marks.
Buy Chihuahua puppy - visit the official website of kennel V'STILE OLEANY and send you message about buying Chihuahua puppy via feedback form on page "Contacts".

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